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Structural Alignment

April 22, 2022

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Are you structurally aligned?

The concept of Structural Alignment™ was created and developed by Tony A. Kirkland, MS in the early 1990s. It is meant to help us understand human behavior more deeply or more authentically. Without getting too “woo-woo” I’ll say that it sometimes helps to equate the elements of structural alignment to the 4 elements in nature: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water. If that doesn’t connect for you, though, you can stick with the 4 basics: truth, vision, purpose, spirit.

In essence, for you to feel truly fulfilled in life and in work, 4 areas of your life must be in alignment:

  • Truth (Earth)
  • Vision (Wind)
  • Purpose (Fire)
  • Spirit (Water)

TRUTH: This is your reality. What grounds you to the earth. If your vision for your future is to be real, it has to be possible first. I spoke about finding your truth in this previous blog post.

At 53 years old with crappy eyesight and questionable physical fitness, not to mention no math-brain to speak of, it is not possible for me to be an astronaut working at the International Space Station. If I declare that this is who I am, what I’m all about, I lack “truth” in my structural alignment. I’m not being true to myself. It is not possible for me to be this professional astronaut no matter how much money I can acquire or how much desire I have in my heart.

However, if I decide that my life goal is to go to space, that I am Leigh Cowden, future space traveler, this is entirely possible. All I need is enough money to pay for a spot on one of these private missions off into the stars. My truth is possible, so my reality (including my future reality) can support my vision. My truth and my vision are aligned.

VISION: My vision is my plan, my future intention, my future orientation. That amorphous dream on the wind. I make decisions and take actions with my vision in mind, heading toward my making my vision my reality. I envision myself wearing a spacesuit, sitting in my seat on the rocket, locked in and ready to breach our atmosphere. I’m saving my money to buy my seat. I only have $5,000,000 left to go, and I have a plan to get it. I can see my trip to outer space happening and it’s possible. My vision is supported by my truth.

PURPOSE: My purpose is my reason for existing. What lights my inner fire. Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” We’re talking about the second most important day here, where we find out why were were put on this earth. Anyone not working with her truth and vision aligned with her true purpose in life, is not structurally aligned. If my truth is being a space traveler, and my vision is myself acting as a space traveler, my purpose in life must be about being a space traveler. Being a space traveler must fulfill my deepest needs and project my very best self for my fellow humans. I will use space travel to inspire other women to reach for their highest goals. This is my purpose in life, and therefore, my truth and vision are aligned with my purpose.

SPIRIT: My spiritual aspect is the place of inner peace or harmony in my deepest self. It is the flow, like water, that I enter when everything is going exactly right for me. It’s my truest self. My Spirit must align with my Truth, my Vision, and my Purpose for me to feel truly fulfilled or “at one” with the universe. I will never feel as though I truly belong until my spirit is in alignment with the other elements. Do I connect with my higher power by being a space traveler, by inspiring women all over the world with my bold and beautiful life? If so, then my structure is completely aligned. Every choice I make toward my goal will be made authentically and compassionately, in service of my self and the world, recognizing that we are all One.

So What Happens If I’m Out of Alignment?

When we are aligned at all levels, everything we work toward is rooted in compassion, consideration, connection, and generosity. Things go smoothly. We are in the flow. Have you ever been in this place? If you have, you know that magical things happen all around you when you’re in that flow; dreams become reality, money comes rolling in from all over the place, people want to be with you, work with you, support you. Days seem brighter and you feel lighter and more youthful. You appreciate the joy in your life in a way you never could or had before.

More often than not, we are not in alignment. Something in those 4 elements is off. Obstacles pop up, plans go awry, moods get in the way of feeling good, we are not in the flow. Which element or elements (plural) is the one out of alignment? As a business life coach, I sit inside the space my client and I create together and investigate that, figure it out. We explore together all the elements of my clients’ structure to determine where they are misaligned. We start with TRUTH and work from there. As the foundational element, without truth, we are spinning our wheels, never finding that permanent, lasting change we’re seeking that will unlock and make accessible a person’s very best life.

This stuff sounds soooo deep, I know, but it’s really pretty elemental or basic. You don’t have to believe in God or follow a certain religion to connect with this concept that in order to receive all that we deserve, we have to be living an authentic life in service of others. I love uncovering misalignments and helping clients clarify their truth, vision, and purpose so their spirits can soar.

Want to see how close you are to being structurally aligned? Contact me here and I’ll send you a link to set up a 20-minute discovery call with me. The first call is always free, and I promise, it’ll be a lot of fun too!

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