We offer all of our English courses taught by an instructor live, online, for both individuals and groups. These classes are separate from our on-site private and group classes.

We utilize Skype, our online forum, email, and online whiteboard software to enhance interaction between not only student and teacher, but also between students in each online group class.  This method of learning is perfect for:

  • Student clients who live out of our area
  • Student clients who will be traveling during a regular on-site course and will miss too many traditional classes
  • Busy executives who cannot leave the office and prefer to take lessons at work
  • Executives whose schedules do not coincide with our off-site instructor availability

Please contact us directly for pricing.  Discounts offered for groups.

There are minimum computer hardware and software requirements to ensure a quality learning environment for the student, including:

  1. A Skype account (free at www.Skype.com – you may be redirected to Skype for your home country, which should not matter.)
  2. Broadband Internet access (wired, not wireless)
  3. Minimum upload speed:  512 kbits/s
  4. Minimum download speed:  2Mbits/s
  5. Headset with microphone (preferably wired, not wireless)
  6. Webcam
  7. Windows XP, at least 1GB RAM, Dual-Core processor
  8. Windows Vista or Windows 7, at least 2GB RAM, Dual Core processor
  9. Mac OS X, at least 1GB RAM, Intel processor
  10. Mozilla Firefox 3.x+, Internet Explorer 7+, or Safari 4.x+

Test your computer’s online speed here: www.Speedtest.net

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t know if you have all of the above.  Don’t worry.  Just contact us, and we’ll walk you through figuring it out, or give you a test run to see how your system handles the online learning environment.