BEC – Cambridge Business English Certificates (Preliminary, Vantage, and Higher)

We offer 3 different BEC preparatory courses, each tailored to prepare its attendees to take one of the 3 BEC exams: Preliminary, Vantage, or Higher.

Each of these courses are offered at least 2 times each during the year, each a 30 hour course that meets over 10 weeks, 3 hours per class.

Coursework is completed in an interactive fashion with attendees working both individually and in teams to simulate actual business situations in English and to practice speaking and listening skills.  Students are evaluated for placement in the appropriate level class prior to class start.

Fees for the BEC Prepartory Courses are as follows and are subject to our standard rules and disclaimers:

  • Fee for 1 course only:  €495
  • Fee for 2 courses: €795
  • Fee for all 3 courses:  €995

The following information is taken from the University of Cambridge ESOL website:

The Business English Certificates (BEC) are internationally recognized qualifications that show employers your skills for using English in the workplace.

BEC is an ideal English language exam if you are preparing for a career in business. There are three different levels of BEC: BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage and BEC Higher.

Is BEC for you?

If your English language ability is sufficient for most simple communications, such as shopping, you may consider progressing towards BEC. You should have an understanding of, or interest in, the world of work, business and commerce.

Why take BEC?

More than ever, a good knowledge of English is needed to succeed in international business and commerce. If you can show you have relevant language skills, you’ll have a great advantage in the jobs market and much greater flexibility if you want to work abroad.

BEC can help you show that you have learned English to an appropriate standard and can use it in a business context.

The BEC exams are aligned with Levels B1 to C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages — an internationally recognised benchmark of language ability. The framework uses six levels to describe language ability, from A1 to C2. ‘Can Do’ statements have been used to describe these levels in terms of real skills with language, such as being able to write a report, or take a telephone message. This means that preparing for BEC will help you develop real-life skills and the confidence to use them.

BEC is also linked with the UK Qualifications and Curriculum Authority’s National Standards for Literacy, within the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).


BEC is officially recognised by more than a thousand educational organisations, employers, ministries, government bodies and professional organisations throughout the world as a suitable qualification for business use.

Leading international companies such as Sony Ericsson, Shell, Vodafone, Bayer, Coca-Cola and HSBC have all recognised BEC in their offices around the world.


BULATS – Business Language Testing Service Preparation Course

We utilize textbooks designed specifically to prepare our attendees to score well on the BULATS exam.  This course is offered twice per year, in the Spring and Fall.  It’s a 20 hour course, offered over a 10-week period.

The following information is taken from the website:

Cambridge ESOL’s Business Language Testing Service (BULATS) is a multilingual tool for organisations and students that need a rapid, reliable and cost effective way of assessing the language skills of employees, trainees and job applicants.

BULATS tests communication skills that are needed in real business situations. It enables you to test all four skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing – in four languages. BULATS is available in English, French, German and Spanish.

BULATS is developed and delivered by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations in collaboration with leading experts in the assessment of French, German and Spanish:

  • Alliance Française (French)
  • Goethe-Institut (German)
  • Universidad de Salamanca (Spanish)