Facility Rules

All attendees of our courses are expected to act courteously and professionally at all times.  Students are asked to treat fellow course attendees with respect and kindness.  Tolerance of others’ learning styles, abilities, cultures, backgrounds, and study techniques are appreciated.

Unless otherwise noted, food and drink are allowed in our facility.  In some cases, coffee and water will be provided by the facility. We ask that students bring snacks or meals for courses that last in excess of two hours, as there is no guarantee that there will be any food available in or near our facility.

Being professional does not mean being uncomfortable.  Our students are free to wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the classroom.  Keep in mind that we have only some control over the temperature in our classrooms; we will do our best to ensure a productive learning environment, but we expect our students to dress not only for the weather but for the facility as well.

We do not provide note-taking materials, pens, pencils, highlighters, correction tape, bags, tape, glue, copy paper, or any other related materials.  We only provide the learning textbooks, simulated exams, and worksheets.  Our students must bring to class whatever materials they need to be successful students.  Some materials may be provided through the school store at extra cost, but their provision or availability is not guaranteed.

Lost textbooks may be replaced at the discretion of Leigh Vastola Cowden, at the current price for that textbook.  We do not take responsibility for any lost or stolen personal property of any student of our courses or any other person entering into our facility.  Each student is responsible for maintaining the security of his or her property and agrees to take adequate measures to ensure this security.  Personal property should not be left unattended in the facility at any time.

Off-Site Rules

Clients who request off-site instruction agree to provide adequate learning facilities.  At a minimum this includes a private room with a door and climate control, and enough chairs and table-top workspace to accommodate all learners and the instructor. A whiteboard is helpful but not required.

Parking must be provided to our instructors for any off-site courses not within walking distance of our facility (less than 1km).  This can be accomplished through reimbursement of reasonable parking fees assessed to our instructors by the town or parking facility.

No additional students can be added to off-site courses without prior written approval of Leigh Vastola Cowden and payment of all associated course and administration fees.

Lessons start and stop at the times designated by contract.  Failure of students to appear at an off-site course does not entitle them to any refund.  Late arrivals will not be given any extra unscheduled time for lessons or refunds.  Private students may or may not be allowed to reschedule lessons, depending on their contract terms.  Private students should reference their contracts for details.

Fee Disclaimer

All of the fees for our courses are listed on the website as they are updated; however, we reserve the right to change our course fees at any time and without notice.  Fee changes do not affect any student who has a course contract signed by Leigh Vastola Cowden.  Those students are entitled to receive the course in the contract for the fee stated in that contract.

In addition to course fees, most courses have two additional fees: (1) course textbook fees and (2) administrative fees applicable only to new students for their first course.  Course textbook prices vary from €25 to €75.  The Administrative Fee for 2010 and 2001 is €25.

Any refund provisions available to students will be found in their individual contracts.  Generally speaking, unless provided elsewhere in a contract, our course fees are non-refundable from the date two weeks prior to course start dates.

Legal Disclaimer

Attendance in any of our courses requires a significant amount of work on the part of our students.  Our instructors will provide the textbooks (at additional cost to the student), study materials, worksheets, and instruction; however, it is up to the individual student to put forth the necessary effort to score well on examinations, whether those examinations are administered by our facility or another.

We do not guarantee any particular score will be achieved by any student of any of our courses, nor do we guarantee that a student who attends one of our courses will pass any qualifying examination.  We do guarantee to provide the hours of instruction indicated we will provide in our contracts with our students, and we do guarantee to provide accurate and timely feedback to our students so they will be able to effectively gauge their progress and make adjustments to their learning process and study regimen as necessary.

We do not provide health insurance to any other type of insurance to our students.  Students are expected to pay for any health related issues that occur during a course at our facility.