Ms. Leigh Vastola Cowden is a U.S.-licensed attorney and has practiced law in the United States in business transactions, civil and commercial litigation, and immigration law.  She was awarded the CELTA certification from University of Cambridge in 2009, earning a “Pass, Grade-A”, the highest honor awarded.

In France, she teaches legal and business English to professionals and law students in universities in Paris and Montpellier.  She also works in Paris on arbitration matters conducted in English, and works on English language copywriting and creative web marketing projects for various U.S. and European companies on an independent basis.

Teaching is her passion, and her background in business and law makes her uniquely qualified to teach English courses to professionals in France.  Prior to practicing law, Ms. Cowden spent years working as a stock broker/financial advisor and three years as the CEO of an orthopedic spinal medical device manufacturer.  She has extensive experience in the areas of contracts, intellectual property, real estate, commercial and civil litigation, arbitration, business management, and business negotiations.